To awaken a generation of men who lead themselves, their families, and their businesses at the highest level to glorify God.

Rise Up Kings is a movement of men who are committed to becoming the best husbands, fathers, business owners, and men of faith on this planet. This is done through experiential seminars, masterminds, and coaching to help already good men become great men. We specifically focus on helping men level up in the RUK 4 Pillars: Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finance.

Rise Up Kings was founded by Skylar Lewis, who is a dedicated man of faith, a husband to Jessica Lewis who has founded Rise Up Queens, a father to two boys, and a CEO of multiple multi-million dollar companies. He has been teaching men how to systemize their businesses while staying balanced in the 4 Pillars since 2006.

The Rise Up Kings 3-Day Experience was designed to help men reach their potential in a collapsed time frame. This event combines over 12 mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual experiences to transform a man. These experiences, combined with Skylar’s 2-Day-CEO business training, give men the transformation plus the necessary tools to live an extraordinary life.

Rise Up Kings has now evolved into one of the fastest-growing Christian business training programs in the country. It has become a HUB of successful Christian men who live intentional and abundant lives. 

There has been such a strong demand from women who also want to develop and tap into their God-given feminity, that Jessica Lewis launched Rise Up Queens
RUK now operates the following experiences:
  • RUK 3 Day Experience
  • RUK Advanced Leadership Seminar (ALT)
  • RUKCON Semi-Annual Conventions
  • 12 Month Kingdom Mastermind
RUK 3 Days Experience Men Training
RUQ operates the following experiences:

This has all been designed for the expansion of The Kingdom. All the glory goes to Jesus Christ. If you want to be a part of the movement, sign up here: www.riseupkings.com/event