RUK - Habit

How do you show up in “power” and with confidence, every day?

I know that when I show up in the right state, a powerful state, I produce more results. I am happier & I impact more people.

I’ve spent a massive amount of time exploring and testing what works and what doesn’t.

What is the quickest and most effective path?

Here is the formula I’ve been using for the last 5 years. I’ve tweaked some items, removed some, added some, and here is the end result of what I know WORKS…


-A morning routine is 100% necessary to show up with confidence and power daily.

-You must be consistent with the time you wake up. Waking up late can destroy your energy and confidence.

-Review & Read Goals & Affirmations daily. This is critical to keep you on point with where you really want to go and whom you want to become.

Core Morning Routine:

  • Faith:

-Connect with God (for me it’s reading scripture & praying)

  • Family:

-Invest somehow in your marriage and family (text messages, love notes, playing with kids, etc)

  • Fitness:

-Exercise & EAT CLEAN

  • Finance:

-Learn something new. Teach it somehow to someone else. (Grow)


Life is going to throw you curveballs. It’s going to punch you in the face.

If you have a strong routine that can put you into power, you have a much better chance of avoiding “the drift”. You can get back to the center every day. Even when you’re in the middle of a storm.

Build your day on a strong foundation and you will produce more results in all important areas of your life. I am 100% confident as I have proven it myself and with MANY other men.

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