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"My marriage was struggling before I attended Rise Up Kings. I had just moved out of our house. I've always had a successful business but it has always affected my marriage. Through the experiences at the event, I was able to make some major changes in the way I showed up. I got back together with my wife after the event thanks to what I learned."
-Victor Granillo

"COVID significantly affected my business. I mean it really jacked it up. The saving grace was attending the RUK event right before COVID hit. I've been able to be more consistent and make major shifts in my business that are allowing it to scale."
-Luke Haefele
"This event has pushed me beyond my limits and provide clarity in my purpose and passion in life. I was surrounded by a group of like-minded men who went through this incredible journey with me. If you're looking for that change you've always been waiting for, this is it!"
-Justin Baker
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